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Social Media Links Genius provides social media links, social media icons, and social displays for your website or blog. Our social media share buttons allow users to display social share buttons and icons for major sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Social Icon Display From Social Media Links Genius

Social Media Links Genius provides a social icon display with dazzling fading effects. As a bookmarking module, the social icon display from Social Media Links Genius can be used as an easy customizable module that can be placed in any position on your webpage. All you have to do is hover your computer cursor over the Social Media Links Genius module’s social bookmarking icons in order to take full advantage of all of the social icon displays that Social Media Links Genius provides.

Some of the key social icon display features that Social Media Links Genius provides include:

Easy Social Media Bookmarking

Sharing social media links is a breeze if you use Social Media Links Genius. Our easy and responsive social media link sharing buttons can be used to allow all website visitors to share, like and bookmark social media links directly from your site. Make the social media link sharing experience simple by downloading Social Media Links Genius. Our social media bookmarking buttons can be customized and displayed in a variety of manners. Choose from displaying social media links within categories, front pages or articles and display this module anywhere on your web pages.
Social Media Link Sharing Made Simple
The social share buttons provided by the Social Media Links Genius module allow users to display social share buttons for social media sites such as Google, Pintrest, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Share images, videos and other social media content through our open graph tags so that your followers and friends are updated via any social media platform. Social Media Links Genius is a high-quality module that guarantees high performance without slowing down your site. Some of the main benefits of our social share buttons include:



The Social Medlia Link Genius allows the quick and easy installation of social media icon links with simple settings.


Icon Size allows you to adjust the size of the icons printed on your website.

Space between allows you to set the amount of space appears between each of the icons.

Background and Icon Color allows you to set the hexadecimal color of both the background and icons.

Padding creates space within the background color around your icons

Border Radius allows you to round the edges of your background color container

Hover effect  allows you to increase the size of each icon when moused over.

Target Window is used to choose whether the link is opened in the same tab as your website, or in a new tab.

Social Icon Settings

Each of the settings allows you to select the service icon (using the drop down). Enter your associated URL for each service in the URL box.